About Us

One of our primary focuses has been compliance and permitting for hazardous and solid waste processing and disposal facilities as well as a number of  hazardous waste transporters.  Our personnel have worked for several large environmental companies that own treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDF) throughout the United States and Canada.  More recently, CPS has assisted a number of waste management facilities whose primary function is to find innovative ways to recycle wastes and recover natural resources.
Whether Compliance Plus Services is providing long-term regulatory outsourcing services or performing a one-time waste minimization audit for a small quantity generator, our goal is always to provide high quality, reliable services to our clients.

Powerful Combination
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CPS success is a result of a powerful combination of technical experience, regulatory knowledge, and local presence. CPS is distinctively qualified to evaluate and respond to today’s complex engineering and environmental projects.
CPS has established long-term contracts to act as the sole source provider of environmental and safety management services to several major environmental services firms in the Northeast area. In this capacity we provide a number of services including:

  ∙ Routine independent auditing service of the various satellite facility operations;

  ∙ Providing the firms with the required operation and management assistance for environmental permitting;

  ∙ Providing turnkey support services for major facility capital construction projects (i.e. permitting, developing operation procedures, training & instruction);

  ∙ As well as technical support and regulatory update services on new regulatory compliance requirements.
Highly Trained, 
Unlike most Engineering/Consulting firms, CPS utilizes a unique and cost effective approach, forming a partnership with our clients to work beside them to create the best solutions for managing their environmental and safety needs.
CPS takes pride in looking after their client's best interests first, and foremost, and not just seeking ways to increase billable hours.
With this philosophy, CPS is able to offer affordable, customized services that develop into long-term relationships that provide the link between efficient management of your business with the obligations your company has to meet to comply with today's complicated governmental regulations!
CPS wants to be there to help fill the voids in our client's resources created by Corporate-downsizing. 
By utilizing CPS, companies are able to tap into a source of highly trained and experienced professional without having to incur the expense of hiring, training, managing and providing resources for a large in-house staff. CPS does this for you!
We take great efforts to keep our staff up to date with the ever changing landscape of environmental and occupational safety regulations so you don't have to!
And when you need more traditional Engineering/Consulting services, CPS can provide this too.
You can even use CPS as an in-house resource to manage and overse the activities of your primary Engineering or Consulting firm.