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CPS can assist you with all phases of the air permitting process. We have completed thousands of   permitting projects and our experience translates into accurate, timely permit applications that are designed for maximum flexibility, and expert negotiations with regulatory agencies, streamlining the permitting process.
Whether constructing a new industrial facility, expanding production, or modifying operations, owners and operators may be subject to air quality permitting requirements. Industrial sources must be designed, constructed, and operated to comply with all applicable air quality regulations. Air quality permitting requirements exist within a range of regulatory programs, including state and local codes, and federal programs such as New Source Review and the Title V operating permit program. Each permitting program has associated technical requirements such as emissions quantification, control technology evaluations, air quality analyses ambient air and meteorological monitoring, emission standards applicability, and compliance assurance. 

CPS can provide professionals to address air quality issues at industries and businesses facing the unique challenges created by the Clean Air Act and applicable state regulations. CPS has extensive experience in the preparation of air permit applications ranging from initial applications to renewals and major modifications of existing facilities.

CPSunderstands today’s complex environmental regulations, and can provide our clients with permits that not only meet their operational needs but do so while providing the least regulatory burden and the most operational flexibility.

Air Quality services include:

    - Title V Operating Permit Application

    - State Construction and Operating Permit Applications

    - Minor and Synthetic Minor Permit Applications

    - Standard and General Air Permit Applications

    - Standard Oil and Gas Air (SOGA) Permit Applications

    - Variance Requests

    - Requests for Authorization to Construct and Operate

    - Air Emissions Source Testing and Ambient Air Monitoring

    - Air Quality Monitoring

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