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  1. CPS engineers are knowledgeable in fundamental planning issues and sustainability processes as they apply to site planning. CPS can Identify key challenges in incorporating sustainability into planning strategies, policies and site design while examining technical and environmental factors. Our engineers have also acquired techniques for site assessment to better plan for and incorporate sustainable practices into policy and design as well as explore ways that policies, codes and standards can be modified to encourage sustainable planning and design practices.
    Site Planning
  2. CPS's drawing services range from creating full CAD drawings from a napkin sketch, to fine-tuning an existing CAD file. We maintain high standards in our work and have the latest in both computer workstations and drafting software. We have complete as-built measuring, drafting, scanning and plotting capabilities. CPS in-house AutoCAD operators can work directly with our engineers to produce the site plans, process flow diagrams, drainage control plans, etc necessary for your reports or plans or let them work directly with you to create or modify a drawing for your specific plan or project.
    Drawing Preparation
  3. From wastewater and stormwater management systems, to air quality impact analyses and air pollution control technology evaluations, to even geotechnical investigations and foundation design, CPS engineers and scientists are experts in selecting and designing effective solutions that minimize both emissions and impacts, while providing our clients operational flexibility with limited increase in cost and energy consumption all while helping them navigate through the maze of complex regulatory challenges.
    Design Services
  4. With large and intense rainfall events coupled with an increase in impervious surfaces from new construction, occurrences of soil erosion, overflowing gutters and contamination of surface waters can be a serious problem. The first step in stormwater management is determining the volume of run-off that can be generated by your property so that the right structural BMP's can be selected and implemented. Licensed CPS engineers have extensive experience and use the latest drainage calculation methods to ensure that you meet all of your stormwater permit requirements for retention and conveyance of stormwater.
    Drainage Calculations
  5. Emission inventories have long been fundamental tools for air quality management. Emission estimates are important for developing emission control strategies, determining applicability of permitting and control programs, ascertaining the effects of sources and appropriate mitigation strategies. While data from source-specific emission tests or continuous emission monitors is usually preferred, CPS Air Quality Specialists use the latest emission factors to facilitate emission estimates from various sources which are representative of long-term averages for all facilities in the source category.
    Emissions Calculations
Additional Engineering Services include:
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Air Quality Management
  • Wastewater Management
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Mining & Mineral Processing Management
  • Water Quality Compliance/Permitting
  • Geology & Hydrogeology
  • Groundwater and Stormwater Modeling
  • Remediation and Closure Services
  • Geophysical Services
  • Operation Management Plan
  • Aboveground/Underground Tank Management 

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