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CPS is committed to saving organizations time and money. After dealing with overhead costs, employee salaries, taxes, and every other expenditure associated with conducting business, an organization should not be burdened with regulatory non-compliance fines, workers compensation claims, lawsuits, project delays or loss of contracts.  CPS understands that most organizations cannot afford in-house EHS officers or EHS departments, and that is why we are proud to offer our affordable health and safety training services.
Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
Health and Safety Program Inspections
Industrial Hygiene evaluations and surveys are key to many Clients understanding and addressing their greatest liabilities as an employer. CPS can provide various industrial hygiene services, including:
  ► Chemical Exposure Monitoring
  ► Audiometric Surveys
  ► Ventilation System Evaluations 
  ► Indoor Air Quality Evaluations
Facility health and safety inspections are completed to ensure that the operation is in compliance with all OSHA regulations.  Employee training certificates, medical documentation, emergency response plans and continency plans are all reviewed. It also gives our clients an outside perspective on potential health and safety hazards present in their facility. These inspections include:
  ► Review Employee Training Records
  ► Review Medical Records and Documentation
  ► Prepare & Review OSHA Logs
  ► Evaluate Contingency & Emergency Response Plans  
  ► On-site Inspection Programs
  ► Hazard Identification
Employee Medical Monitoring
Our personnel will detail what specific medical monitoring program is required for each employee based on their job description(i.e., hazardous waste truck drivers  require specific DOT testing & clearance).  This program will also  include random drug screening and annual physicals if necessary. 
  ► Compliance Evaluation - OSHA & DOT
  ► Random Drug Screening
  ► Annual Physical Monitoring
Risk Management 
CPS can conduct risk management evaluations for its Clients to determine where their company liabilities exist and must be minimized. CPS provides comprehensive recommendations based on the surveys to identify and rank the changes that should be made to address any concernsRisk management evaluations can include:
  ► Company Liabilities
  ► Surveys for In-depth Evaluation
  ► Recommendations for Liability Minimization
Individualized Health & Safety Plans
Our Health & Safety Plans are developed with your company's individual needs and requirements. Special attention is taken to ensure that your company will be in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulatory agencies.
  ► Customized Health & Safety Plans
  ► Employee Training on Individual Plans
Regulatory Compliance Audits
Our staff can provide comprehensive environmental and safety auditing. Our inspectors will review all areas of the facility for compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal regulatory provisions:
  ► RCRA Auditing
  ► Construction Site Safety Audits

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