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Compliance Plus Services, Inc. assists hazardous and solid waste transporters, recycling and composting facilities and other companies with transportation related services, traverse through a complex myriad of Federal, State and Local regulatory requirements.  CPS helps transporters with the following services:

  • DOT Permitting:
           -  National Registrations
           -  Unified Carrier Registrations
           -  DOT Safety Permits
           -  DOT Special Permits

  • DOT MCS-150 and MCS 150B initial applications, biennial reporting and updating services

  • DOT Audits – ensuring transporters are up-to-date with DOT requirements, such as;
           -  DOT Driver and Training File review
           -  Review of DOT Drug Testing Programs
           -  Review of transportation related paperwork, including manifests and bills of lading
           -  DOT Driver’s Hours of Service Logs review
           -  Vehicle Maintenance Programs review

  • DOT Hazardous Materials and DOT Driver Training Programs

  • DOT regulatory compliance guidance

  • EPA Biennial Reports

  • EPA Generator and Transporter requirements and regulatory guidance

            -  Obtain and maintain state hazardous and solid waste transporter permits including infectious waste                                 transporter permitting
            -  Provide filing services for monthly, quarterly and annual transporter reports, including tracking of wastes for                  each report by reviewing and creating a database for each transporter’s manifests and bills of lading
            -  Provide NJDEP A-901 and CPCN application services and annual reports

            -  Assist transporters with Notices of Violations and other enforcement action responses
            -  Assist transporters in meeting Federal, State and Local regulatory requirements for Transporter 10-Day In-                      transit Storage and Transfer Facilities and subsequent compliance
            -  Prepare Operations and Maintenance Manuals and other necessary plans and documents in support of the                    facility
            -  Assist transporters with solid waste transfer facilities and intermodal facility permitting and compliance
            -  Prepare Spill Pollution Prevention and Contingency Plans and other emergency response plans for                                    transporters
            -  Training programs designed to meet each individual company’s training obligations
  • OSHA HAZWOPER Training for Transporters
            -  40 and 24 Hour Hazwoper Training 
            -  8 Hour Hazwoper Supervisory Training
            -  8 Hour Hazwoper Refresher Training
            -  OSHA Hazard Communications Training
            -  Incident Command System Training

How can we help you?

For more information on how CPS can help you meet your transportation requirements, contact:

Program Manager, 
Safety and Transportation