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Navigating the municipal, state, and federal regulatory systems affecting water-related development can be a confusing and time consuming process. CPS can help developers understand the regulations and jurisdictions that impact water-related development and avoid unnecessary costs and delays.
The protection, conservation, and best use of the water resources are matters of utmost public importance. Waterways such as streams, rivers, lakes, bays, and estuaries not only provide water for agricultural, domestic, and industrial use, but also provide habitats for aquatic life, avenues for transportation and commerce, and sites for many forms of public recreation. Wetlands provide water storage for flood protection, filtering of pollutants, and habitats for many plant, fish, and other wildlife.
These aquatic resources are vital to the economy and the well being of society. We all depend on the health of our wetlands and waterways in one way or another. To provide for the best possible use of water resources, we must strike a balance between protection and human use. This is the central purpose of the regulations that govern activities in waterways, wetlands, and riparian areas.
Compliance Plus Services can help you identify:

  • time and cost saving tips for waterfront permitting;

  • which permits may be required for an activity;

  • relevant agencies, application requirements, and timelines for permits;

  • how permit requirements might influence a project’s design; and

  • the context in which their application lies in the process. 

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For more information on how CPS can help you meet your stormwater requirements, contact:

Program Manager,
Water Quality Permitting Services